About Us

ENERGOS is a leading supplier of small-scale clean energy recovery from waste plants and technology.

A local solution

Our technology provides a robust, local solution for the treatment of residual waste, by converting it into renewable energy. This energy can then be used to provide local communities with heat and power.

Residual waste is non-hazardous, municipal, commercial and industrial waste that cannot be recycled. Our plants convert this waste into heat and /or electricity, using our patented gasification technology.

Energy recovery from waste provides a double environmental benefit:

  1. The diversion of waste from landfill
  2. The production of renewable energy, displacing fossil fuels and reducing carbon emissions.

Proven technology

ENERGOS has several plants in operation across Europe. The first was commissioned in 1997 and today our combined operating experience exceeds 800,000 hours.

Due to our advanced technology, designed to minimise emissions, our plants consistently operate at levels which are substantially lower than the limits given in the Waste Incineration Directive 2000/76/EC.

Our technology is classified as an Advanced Conversion Technology (ACT) and the electricity produced from the biomass fraction of the waste qualifies for maximum Renewable Obligation Certificates (ROCs), enhancing the normal income streams.