Community Liaison

ENERGOS’ clean energy recovery facilities provide a local solution for local waste and are community-sized to provide a world class, proven method of generating renewable energy from non-recyclable waste.

As such, ENERGOS is committed to being a good and responsible neighbour and to communicating openly and transparently with local people. We believe that the best model for long-term communication is to establish Community Liaison Groups, attended by community representatives who have an interest in the project and can feed the information back to other residents and businesses. These meetings occur through the planning and build phases and continue through into the operational phases of our facilities.

We are committed to providing full information to residents to enable them to reach an informed decision in the planning phases of projects and stage public exhibitions to communicate the facts about our technology and proposals.

We understand that residents have concerns and questions and aim to answer those questions and allay concerns through open dialogue. We are committed to working with the local community to provide a world class facility that can complement local recycling initiatives. This can bring long-term environmental and employment benefits locally, while helping to provide green power to local homes and renewable heat to local businesses.

This area will help you understand more about our current projects and how they can benefit communities.

If you have a question regarding one of our ENERGOS plants, please contact us at: