Plant information

Our plants offer a local, community sized solution for the conversion of waste into energy. They are built in modules, allowing us to provide a flexible solution to optimise fuel processing capacity and energy production.


The scalability and flexibility of the design enable ENERGOS to deliver plants that can be part of an integrated waste management strategy; combined with kerbside recycling collections and/or an efficient Materials Recycling Facility (MRF).

Our buildings have small footprints and low rooflines so they do not dominate the skyline.

Modular system

ENERGOS plants are built using standard modules, with one or more processing lines in parallel.  This allows us to provide a plant that meets our customer’s requirements, in terms of fuel processing capacity and energy production.


The ENERGOS plant design is offered with two standard boiler capacity designs:

  • A Type 40 plant features a boiler with a nominal capacity of 13.5MW.
  • A Type 50 plant features a boiler with a nominal capacity of 16.4MW.

There are also two standard module sizes that relate to the fuel processing capacity of the gasifier. They have the nominal capacity to treat either 5 tonnes per hour or 6 tonnes per hour.


A combination of different gasifier and boiler sizes enables us configure the plant; accommodate the fuel processing capacities and energy output required by our customer, whilst maintaining a standardised module-based design.

The plant can be built to various configurations with options for high calorific value and mixed waste streams.

The modularity of the design facilitates future expansion if and when it is needed, without discouraging recycling.

ENERGOS builds, owns and operates plants but can also deliver plants to customers on an Engineering, Procurement and Construction (EPC) agreement.

Plant elements

The gasification chamber, high temperature oxidation chamber, water-tube boiler, smoke- tube boiler and the control system are proprietary designs which are patented and manufactured to strict standards by our suppliers under intellectual property agreements.

Other elements of the plant are standard components purchased from third- party suppliers.