Our Customers

ENERGOS has helped local authorities, leading waste management companies, energy companies and project developers to solve a major problem: how to convert abundant waste resources into renewable energy in a cost efficient and environmentally-friendly way.

ENERGOS works with customers from both the private and public sector. We can provide local solutions to any organisation requiring an ‘energy from waste’ technology, to assist with their waste management and/or renewable energy strategy.

We understand each of our customers has a different problem to solve and requires different benefits from our technology.

  • Local authorities
  • Waste management companies
  • Industry (major energy users)
  • Renewable energy project developers
  • Consultants

Project developers

ENERGOS plants feature a low building height and small footprint. They can be situated discreetly within an energy or eco-park to provide renewable heat and/or power for mixed use developments.

The Forus plant located in the Stavanger region of Norway was commissioned in 2002 and provides an excellent example of how small-scale energy from waste can deliver renewable heat to a district heating network during the winter months and revert to power generation during the summer months, when heat demand is low. ENERGOS can provide support to developers working on similar schemes, new eco-towns and eco-parks.



In recent years the wholesale price of oil and gas has increased substantially. This has increased pressure on industrial customers with high energy demands.

ENERGOS case studies show how the supply of renewable heat and power can provide a direct benefit to local industry helping to reduce their operating costs, improve their competitiveness and increase local job security. Examples of industries which can be served by ENERGOS plants include:

  • Chemical process industry
  • Pharmaceuticals
  • Paper
  • Food processing
  • Oil refineries
  • Local authorities
  • Waste management
  • Industry
  • Project developers

Waste management

The waste management market is undergoing significant change. There are several legislative and fiscal drivers, each of which is intended to encourage the diversion of waste from landfill.

The ENERGOS technology is commercially viable up to 200,000 tonnes per annum and provides a commercially proven outlet for the treatment of residual waste streams as an alternative to landfill. Project financiers and debt funders are increasingly requiring project developers to demonstrate that waste streams can be secured and as a consequence, small-scale projects that can accept a variety of waste streams look more bankable to funders.


Local authorities

Local authorities in the European Union are obliged under the Landfill Directive to divert biodegradable waste from landfill.

As a result it is necessary to find sustainable methods of treating non-recyclable municipal waste. It can be difficult to accurately forecast the waste treatment capacity requirements over a long period of time, however, the modular design of ENERGOS plants can help local authorities to overcome this problem. Their modularity means that sufficient capacity can be installed for the medium term and additional capacity can be added at a later date, if and when required.

The renewable heat and power supplied by an ENERGOS plant to local industry and businesses provides an attractive platform for inward investment. In particular the supply of renewable heat (in the form of hot water and/or steam) can help insulate local industry from rising wholesale oil and gas prices. This helps local businesses to maintain a competitive position and secure jobs.